Warranty and Insurance Claim Tracker Template

Thursday, April 20th, 2017

Warranty and insurance claim tracker template is a form that is useful to write down all the information about your valuables. Especially, when your goods are damaged or lost, then you can file an insurance claim. So, you may need a form to write it.

Usually at the beginning of the day, customers very diligently pay the insurance, but at certain times they don’t pay until the time limit, then your insurance policy could become invalid. This means you are not covered by the insurance again. Therefore, you should make sure you know the rules of the premium payment. Then, to avoid forgetting, you need to use the claim form template. Do not let your insurance policy become invalid because you forgot to pay on time.

Warranty and Insurance Claim Tracker Template

They also help to make details about the warranty item that you have purchased. In this warranty log template consists of 12 columns to remind you of the warranty and insurance claim your goods. The 12 columns are Item, Purchased From, Purchase Date, Price Paid, Manufacturer, Model Number, Serial Number, Registration Date, Registration Number, Contact Information, Description, Warranty Expiration Date. This form is very useful for insurance claim if something happen with your goods. You can return or get new items if your item breaks out before maturity. In addition, you also need to keep the warranty card after you purchase the goods.

  Warranty and Insurance Claim Tracker

Warranty and Insurance Claim Tracker Template | Pevita | 4.5

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