Standard Operating Procedure Template

Sunday, April 30th, 2017

An important guideline used in a company is Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). You will need it if you are a businessperson who wants to organize an instruction to your employees, so that your company is doing well. This document is indispensable when you build a company to guide your employees to do the work.

Standard Operating Procedure Template

Do I Need Standard Operating Procedure?

You will need that template if you are a looking to build a business. In the writing of this document, there will be people who are involved. The following people involved in Standard Operating Procedur (SOP) :

  1. The author of the SOP
  2. Employees. because employees must know certainly that has to be done at the company.
  3. Managers and Supervisors. they need this template for knowing the standard instruction to control their employees.

In SOP Templates, consists of several details and every work instruction in the company.

  • Purpose : to explain the process of SOP and background.
  • Scope : tell the activities that must be done or relevant.
  • Prerequisite : information required to proceed to the procedures listed.
  • Responsibilities : to tell all the people who work in the company so that it has a responsibility. for making it easy, then given a contact person.
  • Procedure : steps/instructions to be followed by employees.
  • References : a resource that may be useful when performing the procedure.
  • Definitions : provide information that is more relevant and required to understand the SOP.

Why Should You Use Standard Operating Procedure Template?

This template will make it easier for the superior, because it is very useful to make your employees do their jobs with a professional. This template will make them know the steps they should work in accordance with the wishes of the company. So with this template, they will know their role is very important within the company. SOP Template can also be a tool to measure the professionalism of your employees. With the SOP, then it will be known to company’s system already is good or not in achieving company goals. Then, with the Standard Operating Procedure Template all systems within a company can be well was owned directly.

  SOP Template

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