Service Level Agreement Template

Monday, May 1st, 2017

Part of the service agreement or service contract where the form of the legal service is Service Level Agreement. When you run a business or cooperate with companies that provide services to your customers, the SLA template that really help you. Because it can be a legal document for your company and your customers.

Maybe you will need a Service Level Agreement if you :

  • Will work with the person or company to get the service.
  • Will run the business that provides a service to your customers.

There are some specific aspects of a service and the scope of services, quality, level, responsibilities between service providers and service users. It is called a Service Level Agreement because it has agreements in every aspect.

Service Level Agreement Template Free Microsoft Word

What is covered in Service Level Agreement?

Service level contract template also includes the obligation of the company or individual who provides services to give the rights of customers, including things that are unexpected. This agreement also covers the services of your company, whether for business or individuals. Conversely, if you are individuals or companies that will receive services from other companies.

How to steps for using Service Level Agreement Template?

The first step, you should begin with a title like “service agreement”. Then, create a contract between the company that provides the service with customers. When making a contract, the customer name, company name and the service must be written clearly. Then the description of the service and the payment agreement. Furthermore, the SLA template Word will define the conditions of service, the obligations of the customers, and provider of services.

Service Level Agreement is very important, because to keep any company/individual service providers and customers. This agreement also acts as a legal document with a very clear statement and a related law in it.

  Service Level Agreement Template

Service Level Agreement Template | Pevita | 4.5

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