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Restaurant Feedback FormFor a Manager or Owner of a restaurant, definitely want to know or want to hear opinions about the menu and the service from customers. Therefore, usually a Manager or owner of the restaurant will provide to customer a restaurant feedback form. Restaurant owners can improve their quality based on what the customer write in the restaurant feedback form. Most customers prefer to write in the restaurant feedback form than orally , because it is anonymous. Some customers maybe feel a disappointed with the service of the restaurant, but they are ashamed to tell about their disappointment. Then with a feedback form, customers can freely write what they feel about the quality of service they receive.

Restaurant feedback form template is made with Microsoft Word, most people already know and take control of Microsoft Word. The template already contains general questions to assess the quality of service in restaurants. If you need another questions, you can add your own as you want. But if you think the template does not need to be modified, then you can immediately print out to fill the customers.

Do I Need This Restaurant Feedback Form Template?

I think you need a template Restaurant Feedback Form if :

  1. You just opened a restaurant business and you really want to know about the services you provide to customers in order to better future.
  2. You are a researcher who want to be judging the quality of services and use the feedback form to get data.
  3. You are assigned to improve the quality of restaurant service.

Template feedback form which you can download below contains:

  1. The identity of the restaurant (you can put your restaurant logo at the top or in the background).
  2. A question by giving a sign on a column (5-Excellent, 4-Good, 3-Average, 2-Poor, 1-Very Poor).
  3. A space for the customer fill in their comment freely.

In one form created 3 columns into a single page, you can adjust as you want. If you need other items, you can add or replace it. By using the Restaurant Feedback Form, then you will know how your customer satisfaction levels. Because the success of the restaurant business is determined by customer satisfaction.

  Restaurant Feedback Form Template

Restaurant Feedback Form | Pevita | 4.5

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