Printable Intake and Output Record Template

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The template that is used to record any liquid that is taken by patients for certain health evaluation is the Intake and Output Record Template. Usually, the result of a record that is used for a particular laboratory reports, to set up the necessary liquid intake levels. Accuracy is very important for intravenous and subcutaneous fluid recipe. This activity is mostly done at the bedside. This activity should be stated in the medical records, records of nursing and should monitor with accurate within a specified time.

Printable Intake and Output Record Form

Since the age of the patient is an infant up to the age of the parents, involving patients and families is essential to ensure recording any accurate fluid balance. Then, this activities should be reported in chart format for easy when anlysis the health of each patient. Patients and families should be informed of the recording of their fluid input and output. The use of visual aids such as cups/glasses with the specified volume measurements. Not only concern to them, but make sure everyone using the same approximate time of record intake and output.

This health template word has a general format, and can be used as a reference for doing the activity. But, you need to consult a Doctor to understand the other important things. Especially to understand the ratio between liquid intake and output so you do not panic when in certain circumstances.

In this site, you can download the hospital form template and you can modify in Micosoft Word to suit your needs.

  Intake and Output Record Template

Printable Intake and Output Record Template | Pevita | 4.5

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