Internal Audit Notification

Friday, April 14th, 2017

Pictures of Internal Audit Notification Form TemplateInternal Audit Notification is a letter or notification, which aims to inform about the audit task within a specified time. Usually, Department of finance which makes it, as to ensure that they follow the policy of the company when they do tasks. Then, the company will know if they did not follow company policy.

Financial Department will conduct an audit of their employees by checking their expense receipts. For example, check the price of gasoline and where employees fill their vehicles to make sure the price is right. By the analysis, they can ensure that employees to fill gasoline in certain places with lower prices. Usually, part of the operational Department asking for an audit to ensure that the SOP technicians they installed correctly, in order to operate properly. Then, if they found a damaged equipment in a certain time, they can find out the cause and can take steps to keep it from happening again in the future.

Usually the Department implement Auditing at the Logistics. Because of the Logistics section must examine the goods to prevent lost items. The most important if the quantity of goods that in very much, it is necessary to regularly Audit. And to complete the task that takes several days.

On this site, we provide the Internal Audit Notification in general form. There is a period of time, location, date, and is also involved in  Auditing jobs. And you can change according to the needs of your own business or department in Microsoft Word.

  Internal Audit Notification

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