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Installation Form Ms Word TemplateInstallation Form is a document required the Treasury Department to begin charging their customers and as proof of the installation is done. So the installation form is useful to state that the work has been completed. This Installation Form Template is an example of the internet modem installation, but you can modify according to your installation, such as the installation of electrical wiring, installation of security, installation TV etc.

This form is usually carried by technicians to certify the installation successfully, and having it signed by the technician and the customer. In this template, there are some column that must be filled. The column is :

  1. Customer Data. This section is usually already printed, and officers only need to confirm customer data before doing the installation. In column of Customer Data there is the name of the customer, address, email etc.
  2. Personal Data. Contains information about the person doing the installation, can be used when there is something that is not good.
  3. Installation Data. This part is so important part that must be filled. officer installation should write in the form of minimum value of a equipment, to know a equipment can be operations properly. Usually the clerk measure with specific measurement tools to measure it. For example: when install satellite TV requires a certain signal to avoid interference while watching TV.

You can download the Installation Form Template and modify the form in Microsoft Word to suit your needs.

  Installation Form Template

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