Hotel Room Discrepancy Report

Saturday, April 15th, 2017

Picture of Hotel Room Discrepancy Report Ms Word TemplateInformation about the differences found between the guest and the hotel clerk for counting inventory items in the room called Hotel Room Discrepancy Report. Usually given to hotel guests when they find there is an item that they eat or use in the Bill, such as snacks, and the contents of other facilities. The inspection is usually done by the employees of the hotel when the hotel’s visitors want to checkout, and they had to wait for a moment.

Then, when you stay at the hotel, you have to be careful with the facilities that the hotel gave you. Sometimes you do not know your wife or child consuming snacks, and they do not tell you. Or a hotel facilities similar to your stuff, and your wife enter into the trunk of your car. Then you have to check back when you want to leave the hotel. You can also ask your wife and kids about what they consume when they want to leave the hotel, to avoid a debate with the receptionist on your hotel bill.

As daily reports, this is one of the important report which will be used for a proof to the hotel manager or the visitors of the hotel. Then as the hotel clerk who served primarily in checking section, you should be careful when calculating snacks, facilities and other items. In case of miscalculations, will cause your guests to pay they did not use or consumption.

This Hotel Room Discrepancy Report designed like in General. Have two forms on one page, and you can change according to the needs of your hotel.

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