Free Work Order Form Template in Word

Sunday, May 7th, 2017

Work Order Form is used to record the transactions as well as proof of the transaction between companies with customers. But, this form is created by the customer for the services or production. The form that serves to represent their order for production is done by the company. This form is the same as the invoice. Work Order Form is a term from the word “Order” derived from the contents of the form itself. The form actually contains the description of customer ordering for the company or organization.

Free Work Order Form Template in Word

What is in the Work Order Form ?

  • Date of the creation of the form.
  • Information about the customer (name, address, and contact person).
  • A breakdown of recipient (this content is almost similar to the customer).
  • The order description. You should describe clearly and precisely because it is a major part of the form. You need to put the title in every detail such as the quantity, unit price, about booking, the total cost. You also need to create a table that many if you order more than one.

How to use Work Order Form Template?

First, you can type it all directly in Microsoft Word on your computer. And you need to change the format into a PDF for print out and  give it to the employee. Second, you can print a form that was in a State of blank, only the title is typed, then you write manually.

  Work Order Form Template

Free Work Order Form Template in Word | Pevita | 4.5

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