Free Stock Card Form Template at Word

Saturday, May 27th, 2017

A form that is useful to indicate a lot of stock you have at any given time and how to track stuff is a Stock Card Form. Actually, there are many kinds of Stock cards, all cards it depends from the inventory of the company.

Stock card template is useful to record the goods from the supplier and ask them to write on this form. Then by using stock card template for inventory stock, every logistics staff can know the amount of goods. When the quantity of goods begins a little, then every logistics staff will tell the superior to finance them reorder the product.

Free Stock Card Form Template at Word

How to use Stock Card Template?

You can write the code and the name of the supplier in this log period in this sample stock card word format. Because this form is used for certain suppliers then the items can be set single or multi. It all depends on the policy made by your company. Then you must write products that enter and exit based on the date. If the form is set for multi product, then you can write code and item name, warehouse (if more than one), unit of measure (UOM), the purchase price, sales price, total quantity of incoming and outgoing quantities amounts, the amount of the balance sheet and an important note. You can remove these items if it does not suit your company. You can modify to suit your company. You can also add other items by using Microsoft Word as your company needs.

At the bottom of the table inventory stock card template, there is a stock control information section should be written with the maximum level, minimum and reorder. If you would like a proof of logistics staff, then you can add a column to a signature. The signature column it must be signed by the responsible staff of the logistics with goods.

  Stock card sample inventory control

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