Free Printable Employee Incident Report Form Template

Monday, May 22nd, 2017

The report can be used as a benchmark for measuring the level of health and safety performance in General is the Employee Incident Report. To increase work safety, all events related to people need to be recorded and investigated. You can use the free printable incident report template if you do not want to make it. It is useful to report on events at your company.

Free Printable Employee Incident Report Form Template

What is the purpose of creating this incident report forms printable?

This means for the management of information relating to health and safety management system that deals with their employees. That information can help companies determine the corrective action to anticipate unwanted accidents. It is also one of the inputs to the company in taking the right decision. There is no one who wants to get a work accident, then it must be handled properly. But if an accident happens, we as safety professionals have to respond properly and report the incident by entering valid data/relevant.

Find relevant facts

About the relevant facts are the names of the victims, date, time, location, Department, environmental conditions, the name of the work, the events preceding the crash, cuts are imposed, the care that should be provided, damage to equipment, and much more.

Sequence of events

Explain the events from before the accident to accident. You must report in detail including the cause of the accident, what happened before the accident, and after an accident.

Incident analysis

This report includes an analysis of the causes of the accident. Consider other factors such as a working pressure, does not comply with the procedures, and lack of training.


Once you have found the facts and you have analyzed the accident, then you should make recommendations for better and safer employee job training. Collecting information of work accidents has three functions:

  1. Inside the workplace: useful to remind employees to be more careful in the work.
  2. In the field of law: useful for making work regulations and safety practices.
  3. In the field of accident insurance: useful to determine the amount of compensation given in accordance with the accident rate.

Making this report will prevent / minimize the occurrence of accidents. Actually, there are still many other types of accidents, from the start of mild to severe. On this site we provided a sample employee accident report forms in Microsoft Word format that you can download and use as your reference. The following is a template:

  blank incident report

Free Printable Employee Incident Report Form Template | Pevita | 4.5

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