Free Printable Customer Complaint Form in Word

Sunday, May 28th, 2017

When you create a product, then there is a possibility of a product that is not functioning properly. As part of customer retention service, you must provide after sales service to customers to resolve problems that arise when they use your product. The problem is usually caused by user error and of your product which is not perfect. This may not be visible when you test your products or when you indicate to your customers, but when your customers are using it in a long time. For example when you sell an electronic product. Inside electronic products there is a circuit board and other important components that are made carefully. Therefore, every major electronics company, they set up electronic service centers in various countries to help when their product happens a problem.

Free Printable Customer Complaint Form in Word

To keep your customers buy your products and services, then you may need to provide this kind of service as well. Customer service is needed for all types of businesses. Because, if your customers feel satisfied with your services, then they will be spreading the good word about the services you provide to them. This customer service, apply to the business on a large scale or small scale business. To manage all of that, perhaps you will need a form to record all complaints are your customers coming to your Department. You can use this customer complaint form as your reference. You can also change or modify this form uses Microsoft Word to suit your needs.

There is some information required in this customer complaint template, the information as follows :

  1. Customer information (name, address, phone number)
  2. Product information (brand, model, type, purchase store and date, warranty date)
  3. Complaint information (complaint detail, correction action, suspective cause and proposed action)
  4. Customer and officer signatures

If within your company there are other requirements, you can add a table to get the information needed by your company.

  customer complaint form template word

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