Free Printable Bill of Lading Template

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

For those of you who work in this part of the service delivery of the goods, then it is important for you to use Bill of Lading Template. In specific, by using a Bill of Lading, you can track delivery information including bar code and signatures. This template is useful for maintaining order and is very easy to handle.

Bill of Lading Template

What is the functions of bill of lading?

This Bill of Lading is sort of a written contract between the carrier and the receiver. The sender must give the package properly and securely to the recipient. The sender should also follow the rules that have been set namely the rules of delivery activities. After giving a signature, means the two sides are already restricted by the legislation of the trade. Typically, bill of lading document is provided by the service owner. Then you have to fill out a form before using the service.

How to fill Bill of Lading Form?

In the straight bill of lading short form, you will see several sections. Then, you have to learn fast and in the right way about all parts which are in this template, so all the shipping process can be done quickly. How to fill out a Bill of Lading Template is you must fill in the complete name and address. You should also write down the specific account numbers to keep track of all activity. Not only that, you also need to write down the specific instructions for the operator. Next, you should also write the date of delivery and total unit shipments. Then, you should describe the package you send (type of packaging, paper, pallet, drum, wood, and others). The last part is to explain the package value and weight of the packet you send.

Maybe you can find the template below on other sites on the internet.

  Bill of Lading Template

Free Printable Bill of Lading Template | Pevita | 4.5

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