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Human Resources Department forms written and given to the employee in violation of company policy is Employee Disciplinary Form. To collect the offense, there are a few steps. There are some who use the notification letter and some use other forms of discipline, then after doing three-time violation, the companies will terminate the employee.

On this site, we provide Employee Disciplinary Form templates that you can download and your modifications. It is right for you who want to terminate an employee using a notification letter. which in inside there are some criteria of violations. They are :

  1. Attendance: If you do not come to the office and without a logical reason, it will be given notice of this discipline.
  2. Safety: companies working in high-risk businesses fall into this category.
  3. Disturbance: if an employee is disruptive to other employees, it is included in this offense category.
  4. Disobedience: if an employee is disturbing teamwork, you can give a notice to them.
  5. Tardiness: can be included in the category of Attendance.
  6. Not following instructions: this category can be interpreted easily.
  7. Performance: this category is very easy to see, for example: employees at a minimart.
  8. Cheating: if it happened in your company, this can not be tolerated. but this is difficult to prove.

Not only that, there are many more categories that violate company. You only need to replace or write appropriate category of your employees. And you can put your company logo in the background or on the form of this notice.

  Employee Disciplinary Form Template

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