Chinese Gender Chart

Monday, April 10th, 2017

Chinese Gender ChartThe old days because there is no USG, using the ancient Chinese called the Chinese gender chart to know the gender of their baby before birth. That the chart is still needed for modern times? What chart was accurate?, Maybe you can compare the chart it with USG. The chart is called by Chinese gender predictor, because you need before you get pregnant to calculate the time of pregnancy.

As the age of modernization, continues to influence the Chinese community, this calendar is then used by the general public. Even as the global community, because at that time the English attacked the Kingdom of Chinese. While in the past this chart is only used by Nobles and also their Mistresses. And according to experts, this chart has been used since the Qing dynasty.

How to read a Chinese gender chart?

You have to write your mother’s age and the month the baby was conceived. Next, the passing months pregnant and the mother’s age also correspond to the columns and rows that you find. If you find yourself in column F (female) on it, then your baby is a girl. And if in column M (Male) then your baby is a boy.

Here is a chart that you can download.

  Chinese Conception Calendar

Chinese Gender Chart | Pevita | 4.5

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