Chinese Calendar 2017 Template for Microsoft Word

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

There are so many Chinese who still largely celebrating Chinese holidays such as Chinese new year celebration, which in the year 2017 will fall on the 28th of January. This Chinese new year called the year of the rooster, hence Chinese calendar 2017 template would be very useful.

There are many companies in the world to do business with Chinese people, then they also have to know the Chinese calendar so that they can hold a meeting or ordering goods in order not to occur collisions with holiday schedule. even though everything is determined using the Gregorian calendar, but the Chinese calendar is still very useful for specify the public holidays of China, and the celebration of the Chinese new year tradition. Thus the Chinese community all over the world are still in need of the Chinese calendar, even not only the Chinese people who live in State Republic of China and Chinese people living in other countries who need the Chinese calendar even non Chinese also need.

Chinese Calendar 2017 Template for Microsoft Word

You will certainly need the Chinese calendar if you are going to work or join in the Chinese community, so you don’t want to lose important dates of the Chinese tradition, and also if you a Chinese who want to honour your ancestors with Chinese tradition, celebrating the feast day of China. not only that, you will also need the Chinese calendar if you want to know more about the traditions of China, the China day celebrations and holidays.

If you want to get the Chinese calendar, you can get it at the following locations:

  1. In a Chinese community, because they must always have the latest Chinese calendar such as Chinese calendar 2017.
  2. In the shops that the seller of the Chinese people, they certainly share a calendar. or at the book in China town.
  3. On the web. You just need to find the right web suit next year to get the calendar, for example when the end of the year 2016, then you need to find the Chinese calendar 2017 actually I can not speak Chinese, but this template was created in Microsoft word so that you can print it out before fixing if there is an error in making a translation languages or if you want to create an agenda of its own in the calendar.

Here you can download Chinese calendar 2017 in Microsoft Word version, i.e. the Gregorian calendar and the Chinese shown being one or all together. That’s where Gregorian dates are written in the middle and the Chinese writing dates in the Gregorian months on it and the title written on the top left and China month title written in the top right.

  Chinese Calendar 2017 Template

Chinese Calendar 2017 Template for Microsoft Word | Pevita | 4.5

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