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Certification Request FormIf you have a new product, you definitely need a Certification Request Form. This free editable certificates is the form that serves to send your new product to be tested and certified by a particular department. This form is submitted by the department of examiners to check if all your requirements have been met. For example is the mobile phone products. There are several steps before the phone is manufactured to the public, such as checking out some of the important features and functions. Example:

  • Is the sound quality acceptable?
  • Will all the buttons work?
  • Whether the touch screen to function properly?
  • Do the camera work properly?
  • Is able to connect to the internet?
  • And much more that needs to be tested.

It is an example of a few that will be tested to ensure that mobile phones can be mass produced.

Other uses of this form is as a cover letter for government certification authority. This certificate can be used as proof that your product has already passed the requirements of your government. Because some states will require your product to test in their laboratory before being licensed and sold in their countries. It is something you should do, when you want to export your products to certain countries that your product is stated officially.

You can download this form and you can modify in Microsoft Word to suit the needs of your department/company. If you need a form with techniques in more detail, you can use this Acceptance Test Plan form.

  Certification Request Form

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