Applicant Checklist Form

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

Applicant Checklist FormApplicant Checklist Form is the form that used a company to check for employees who filed the document before the company entering into the stage interview. This form helps companies to get data on the applicants. With this form, they can resist the constant which does not submit the documents that companies need. With the data that companies earn on the basis of the documents that they send, so that data can help to select the correct candidate. Especially, if your company with just one stage to select new employees.

There are several important factors in selecting employees :

  1. Status. This factor is very important, because you need to know the status of your prospective new employees.
  2. Education. You can filter out the highest or best suit their education.
  3. Certificates. The certificate can helps to select new employees, which means that talented employees.
  4. Years of Experience. Experience is one of the important considerations for finding your new prospective employees.
  5. The Last Position. You can filter your prospective employees based on their last position in another company.
  6. Reference Letter. Reference letter can help to strengthen the position of prospective employees.

And still many other important criteria are not written. Or you think that the criteria are important, you can download the Applicant Checklist Template and edit to your needs. After you get the potential data of your prospective new employees, you can encapsulate and read their resumes thoroughly. Or you can send them to the Department that requires new employees to further processing. Then you can easily to contact the applicant for further processing.

  Applicant Checklist Form Template

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