2017 Calendar Templates

Friday, March 31st, 2017

Microsoft Word Calendar is different with Microsoft Excel Calendar, because how to make Microsoft Word Calendar is by manual, all parts must be typed manually. Need special skills to make it, especially if made with many models. But, i hope in the collection of 2017 Calendar Templates I have not made a mistake in making this new calendar. On this site, there are several models of calendars that you can download. If you have downloaded 2017 Calendar Templates and you find a mistake in the making of this New Calendar, then let me know soon.

2017 Calendar Templates

You can change the date, color, and background calendars as you want in Microsoft Word.

Model 1 :

The first model is almost the same as the calendar is usually, for all months are placed in one page, has a white background and black date. The model of this calendar is like the image above. This Calendar is suitable for you who wants to print a simple calendar, and you can mark on the date manually.

  2017 Year Calendar

Model 2 :

This second model is special for you who want a place to write notes, weddings, holidays, and other your schedule. There are two models of the calendar that you can download, the agenda descriptions are placed at the bottom of the month tables and the agenda descriptions are placed at the right side of each month tables.

  2017 Year Calendar with Bottom Notes

  2017 Year Calendar with Side Notes

Model 3 :

The third model created there is an area in the bottom of the calendar to write anything you want, area to write about important events, or holidays. The third calendar created in form horizontally. In third model, you can download two types : Letter and A3 size.

  2017 Year Calendar – Linear

  2017 Year Calendar – Linear – A3 size

Model 4 :

The fourth model is made there is an area to write the event on a specific date in the calendar. You can download a file that combines the 12 months to 12 pages or one month in one page files.

  2017 Monthly Calendar – Portrait

  2017 Monthly Calendar – Landscape

For the single month version, check the list below:

  January 2017 Calendar

  February 2017 Calendar

  March 2017 Calendar

  April 2017 Calendar

  May 2017 Calendar

  June 2017 Calendar

  July 2017 Calendar

  August 2017 Calendar

  September 2017 Calendar

  October 2017 Calendar

  November 2017 Calendar

  December 2017 Calendar

Do not forget to visit this site again to find a calendar with the various models. The calendar of other models still in the process. Then you can see it if the process is completed at this site, because when it is finished it will be uploaded here.

2017 Calendar Templates | Pevita | 4.5

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